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New Book on Climate Change in Regional Perspective Available Now!

The Foundation for Mediterranean Studies – MeDiterrate proudly presents the recent release of the “Climate Change in Regional Perspective” book, edited by Andrea Ribeiro Hoffmann, Paula Sandrin, and Yannis E. Doukas.

This groundbreaking book, part of the United Nations University Series on Regionalism, represents a significant milestone in addressing the urgent challenges of climate change.

Heartfelt gratitude extends to the esteemed members of the MeDiterrate Scientific Council whose invaluable contributions have shaped this insightful volume. Under the editorship of the University of Athens Agricultural Economics and Policy Professor Asst Yannis E. Doukas, the team, also including  the University of Athens European Political Economy University of Athens Emeritus Professor Napoleon Maravegias, the Harokopio University of Athens Applied Urban Sustainability Senior Researcher Ioannis Vardopoulos, and the International and European Economic Relations Researcher Pavlos Petides, has tirelessly worked to bring together a diverse range of perspectives and expertise on this critical issue.

Their unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration has been instrumental in producing a comprehensive examination of climate change cooperation, challenges, and solutions within and between the European Union and Latin American regional organizations. From pioneering research on financing the green economy to insightful analyses of agricultural policies, their contributions serve as a beacon of hope in our collective pursuit of a sustainable future.

Immense gratitude is also extended for the generous funding from the European Union, which has made it possible to offer this essential resource completely free of charge. Together, we reaffirm our commitment to addressing climate change and shaping a more resilient and sustainable world for generations to come.

For those eager to engage with the forefront of climate change discourse, the book is now available for download in PDF.

Climate change in regional perspective. European Union and Latin American initiatives, challenges, and solutions (A. Ribeiro Hoffmann, P. Sandrin, Y. E. Doukas Eds., Springer Nature: Cham, Switzerland. ISBN: 9783031493287) (2024).

Join us in championing meaningful action on this pressing global issue.