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Founded in 1983 by Presidential Decree, the Foundation for Mediterranean Studies – MeDiterrate is an independent, public benefit, non-profit, and non-governmental organization supervised by the Hellenic Ministries of Culture and Finance.

MeDiterrate is dedicated to advancing research, education, and cultural initiatives in the Mediterranean region, showcasing resilience and commitment.

Not included in the State Budget or affiliated with public or private institutions, MeDiterrate relies on extraordinary grants, sponsorships, donations, and co-financed research programs secured through competitive procedures. These resources cover operational costs, including those of its Library.

The term “MeDiterrate” is a portmanteau, combining elements of mediation, meditation, and the Mediterranean. It suggests a process or practice centered on achieving balance, tranquility, or resolution inspired by the distinctive characteristics of the Mediterranean region. As a newly coined word, its meaning remains open to interpretation, reflecting the foundation’s commitment to exploration and enrichment.


Inception of the "Center for Mediterranean Studies" NGO


MeDiterrate Establishment (via Decree)


Research Projects Start


Publisher Status Gained


Public Conflict Analysis Center Establishment


Masters Degree Launch, offered w/ the University of Aberdeen


Greek President Karolos Papoulias Named MeDiterrate Honorary President