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The Foundation for Mediterranean Studies – MeDiterrate is committed to cultivating a comprehensive understanding, encouraging cultural exchange, and promoting scholarly collaboration throughout the diverse Mediterranean region. MeDiterrate’s strategic objectives encapsulate advancing interdisciplinary research, fostering dialogue, preserving the rich heritage of the Mediterranean, and addressing key aspects of sustainability, environment, policy, and economy. Through various initiatives and programs, MeDiterrate aims to:

  • Facilitate Interdisciplinary Research: Cultivate collaborative research efforts exploring historical, cultural, socio-political dynamics, as well as sustainability, environmental policies, and economic factors within the Mediterranean region.
  • Promote Cultural Exchange: Organize events, seminars, and cultural exchanges to celebrate the diversity and interconnectedness of Mediterranean societies, while also addressing environmental and economic dimensions.
  • Support Educational Outreach: Develop educational resources and programs engaging students and the wider public in understanding the complexities and significance of the Mediterranean’s past, present, and its implications for sustainability, environmental stewardship, policy, and economy.
  • Encourage Dialogue and Networking: Provide platforms for scholars, policymakers, and local communities to engage in constructive dialogue, fostering cooperation and understanding across borders in the context of sustainability, environmental policy, and economic considerations.
  • Preserve Cultural Heritage: Partner with institutions and communities to safeguard and promote the diverse cultural heritage of the Mediterranean, emphasizing its importance in contemporary societies and its intersection with sustainability, environmental policies, and economic development.

These objectives reflect our dedication to advancing scholarship, fostering cultural appreciation, and promoting collaboration for a nuanced understanding of the Mediterranean’s past, present, and future, integrating considerations of sustainability, environment, policy, and economy.