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Invitation: Join the MeDiterrate ‘Ukraine Two Years Later: Implications for International Security’ Symposium

The Foundation for Mediterranean Studies – MeDiterrate, in collaboration with the Athens Bar Association,  is proud to announce an upcoming Symposium under the theme ‘Ukraine Two Years Later: Implications for International Security’.

The symposium will bring together notable scholars and analysts to examine how the war in Ukraine continues to impact Europe and the rest of the world. 

Event Details:
     Title: Ukraine Two Years Later: Implications for International Security
     Date and Time: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 19:00
     Venue: Hall of the Athens Bar Association, 60 Akadimias Street, Athens 106 79, Greece

Debate Moderator:

Vasilios Konstantineas, Ambassador (honorary) and General Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Mediterranean Studies – MeDiterrate

Speakers and Topics:

Georgios D. Pukamisas, Ambassador (honorary), “The Substratum of the Ukrainian Crisis”

Ioannis Baltzois, Lieutenant General, President of the Hellenic Institute of Strategic Studies, “The Geopolitical Dimension”

Yannis E. Doukas Assistant Professor of the University of Athens and Executive Secretary of the International Scientific Council of the Foundation for Mediterranean Studies, “The Impact on the European Economy”

Stamatis Georgoulis, Supreme Court Lawyer, PhD in International Law, “Ukrainization in International Relations”

The symposium seeks to provide an insight into the multiple effects of the war in Ukraine – two years after it began – and analyze the historical, geopolitical, economic, and legislative parameters.