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MeDiterrate stands committed to fostering academic inquiry and research across the rich Mediterranean region. This commitment is evident in the issuance of a diverse array of publications, representing the culmination of comprehensive studies undertaken through various research programs, meticulously organized seminars, and conferences. Exceeding 50 titles, these studies span a wide spectrum of topics, including politics, economics, international relations, the European Union, society, culture, environmneta and many more, aiming to illuminate the complexities and interconnectedness of Mediterranean societies. Through meticulous scholarship and collaboration with esteemed researchers, the goal is to deepen understanding of the past, present, and future of the region and disseminate invaluable insights. Looking forward, forthcoming publications are poised to further enrich this scholarly discourse, contributing substantively to the evolving body of knowledge within the realm of Mediterranean studies.

The most recent editions from MeDiterrate include: